Open Call for Researchers

Open Call for Researchers

Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People (TYA)
Global, Advocacy-Focused Research
A Pilot


As part of the ‘Building Collective Resilience’ project (which is co-funded by the European Union), ASSITEJ International is seeking 4 lead researchers to help us collect and disseminate data, information, practices, ideas, and solutions around the themes of: Access to TYA, Dissemination of TYA, Diversity within TYA, and the Value of TYA.

The research is to be advocacy-focused and useful to ASSITEJ members, National Centres, International Networks, TYA practitioners, and the wider TYA community, being published on an open access basis. It is intended to be of reference for practitioners in their day-to-day working lives to, for example, boost advocacy initiatives and funding applications, offer opportunities for learning, and to foster networking and collaboration.

This multi-pronged research project is a pilot and ASSITEJ International hopes that the learnings from this first-round will enable the association to secure future funding towards further research.

This pilot research package is to be completed between now and 31st December 2024.


This open call seeks to appoint 4 lead-researchers to each lead 1 of the main streams of the research package. We are seeking help from:

  • Individual / independent researchers;
  • Named individuals at research institutions (including universities, research bodies, and research agencies);
  • Named individuals within the relevant practitioner field (including artists, management, and other creative professionals).

The research will be globally focused and researchers from anywhere in the world are eligible to apply. We particularly value applications from researchers who want to engage cross-nationally with ASSITEJ members across a diversity of the 75 countries where we are represented.

Research Streams

The research package is split into five streams – this open call is to appoint one research lead per stream (with the exception of Stream 4 – see note).

1) Quantitative Access Data – An international comparative quantitative study that explores which, and how many children and young people are currently accessing TYA by: (a) investigating, collating, and interpreting pre-existing data; and (b) defining, overseeing, and interpreting the collection of new data.

2) Dissemination / Engagement Case Studies – An international comparative series of case studies exploring the habits, mechanisms, and schemes through which children and young people engage with TYA.

3) Leadership Demographics – A study examining the extent of diversity of TYA sector professionals, particularly those holding leadership roles.

4) Small Size* – Research on how small children are perceived within the field of TYA.
*This research stream is being administered by the Small Size Network and this stream is NOT part of the current call but is included here for informational purposes.

5) Value of TYA – Collated evidence on the value of TYA that curates and synthesises the existing research from across the field.


Open Call Published:30th January 2023
Deadline for Applications:20:00 GMT 20th February 2023
(click here to see this in your time zone)
Interviews for Shortlisted Candidates:1st & 2nd March 2023
Appointment of Successful Candidates:3rd March 2023
(with an immediate start date)

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