Visionifestivalen i Bologna søger forestillinger. Festivalen er et af de vigtigste global samlingspunkter for teater for de yngste (1-6 år).
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For International companies (all countries except Italy)

La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi (Bologna, Italy) is happy to announce a call for productions to be presented during next edition of the International Festival of Theatre and Culture for early years “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro…”.

Next edition will take place in Bologna, exceptionally in two parts, considering the limitations of the current pandemic situation. The first part will be, unless further modifications due to force majeure, from May 7th to 12th 2021.

The second part, in any case, will be from October 23rd to 28th 2021.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to send valid proposals for the two periods indicated above (May or October or both), specifying your availability in the specific space of the form attached to this call.

Visioni” is an occasion of meeting and discussion among the companies, visited every year by many Italian and International theatrical operators, dedicated to the performing arts for early years (0-6 years old). This year we imagine our festival taking place in a very particular situation, with of course a lower number of people attending in presence, but we like to think that Visioni has to start again.

We think this considering, in particular, the Digital Platform that we are preparing in occasion of the festival, that in 2021 will take place both in presence and online. The Platform is a new resource that we hope will become a precious tool, even in the future, by allowing us to keep constant and, why not, to increase the number of potential users of the Festival Programme.

Produced in co-design with Segni d’infanzia artistic and cultural association, this project arises from the desire to give continuity to festivals with national and international vocation, by trying to overcome the limitations due to the distance and the current pandemic situation.

The two parts of Visioni will take place in proximity or in continuity with two other relevant Italian festivals, Segnali and Segni d’Infanzia: not by coincidence, but as a choice to pursue the idea of a mutual collaboration that we hope will become a good practice.

Planning a festival in this moment is very complex, but it is a risk that we want to take, sharing it with all those who want to accompany us, by hoping that this exceptionality will not become a rule and that Visioni will return to take place regularly.

Conditions for submission

Productions submitted for Visioni should be addressed to children 1-42-5 or 3-6 years old.

In the next edition, we would like to give more space to:

  • Shows suitable both for the theater space and for a school garden, in order to guarantee the presence of at least one class of children, outdoor and in safety.
  • Performances that, also in video, can offer a quality experience that will enrich the program of the platform (the video of the show, if not available yet, can be made also after the deadline of the call, but obviously within the week before the start of the festival).
  • If the show uses words, it should be presented at least partly in Italian
  • We would like also to give the chance to shows, with a maximum get-in time of 1h 30 minutes and limited stage space (not exceeding 4mx4m), to bring a further performance of their show within the educational services spaces (nurseries or kindergartens), probably open-air.
  • Shows originally planned for Visioni2020 can apply to this call.

Visioni offers:

  • a fee of 2.500 € for 3 performances, one of which fully dedicated to operators
  • a basic technical equipment and (if needed) transportation to schools
  • technical support for get-in and get-out

Visioni will not cover for travel and freight, board and lodging.

In order to submit a production please send to

The submission deadline, for both editions of Visioni, is February 15th 2021.

You will get an answer regarding your participation to the first part of the Festival (May 7th-12th 2021) by the first half of March 2021. At the end of the first part of the festival, the choices for the second part of Visioni 2021 (from October 23rd-28th 2021) will also be communicated.

For further information:

Bruno Frabetti