A (point of) view

A greeting from the members of ASSITEJ in times of quarantine

When Covid-19 reached Denmark and quarantine became our daily reality artists in the membership of ASSITEJ started an initiative of sharing small scenes of our lives in our limited worlds.

Soon members from other countries also sent their contributions.

Many of us were (and still are) in our kitchen with a cop of coffee, cooking a meal, talking on the phone, listening to the radio. We were watching what goes on outside and at the same time, our world became very limited. The frame for the contributions was our kitchen and our view from the kitchen – and ourselves:  “A (point of) view”.

Enjoy visiting our homes!

Send us a video if you wish to share the view from your kitchen. Use wetransfer.com or similar. Address: lv@assitej.dk

A special thank you to Gertrud Exner from the board of ASSITEJ Denmark for editing and collecting all the videos!