What is ASSITEJ Denmark

ASSITEJ Denmark is the Danish Centre of the international organisation of Theatre for Children and Young People ASSITEJ (Association Internationale du Theatre pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse), affiliated to UNESCO.

ASSITEJ Denmark promotes knowledge about Danish children's theatres to countries abroad and communicates to Danish companies what goes on abroad. Furthermore the organisation participates in and organises various bilateral and multilateral exchange projects.
The Nordic and Baltic centres of ASSITEJ (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) profit from a close co-operation, carrying out two-three annual meetings and various joint projects such as Nordic festivals and seminars.

Children’s Cultural Rights

ASSITEJ Denmark works for a continuously high quality within the Theatre for Young Audiences. By doing so we intend to support all children’s rights to cultural challenges and to focus on the children’s conditions through theatre, dance and music. All this in recognition of the young audiences as being an invaluable resource to the surrounding society.


Global Network

As a national centre for ASSITEJ International our network consists of thousands of theatres, organisations and individual people distributed through about 80 member countries. The network lays the foundation for an exchange of thoughts and ideas despite the cultural differences in order to promote the children’s cultural rights.


Global Promotion

ASSITEJ Denmark works to promote Danish Theatre for Children and Young People abroad through festivals and different kinds of exchange projects as well as workshops, conferences and seminars in order to facilitate concrete collaboration between Danish and international theatres and organisations.


ASSITEJ Denmark is supported by: